Article 83     clothing (kleederen)

The items are listed below in the order they appear in the inventory. Some of the garments are grouped with similar garments; others aren't.

Women's and Men's shirts

6 new women's shirts

6 ditto

5 ditto

5 ditto

4 ditto

2 ditto

12 womens shirts

13 ditto, various


6 mens shirts

7 ditto

4 ditto

6 ditto

8 ditto

5 ditto

1 old ditto


4 white borstrokken and 2 hemdrokken


4 ditto pants, 4 mens ditto

4 linen pants




16 small handkerchiefs (lakneuwsdoekjes) 5 old ditto with akers
5 muslin halsdoeken
16 ditto 6 large sakneuskoeken 12 old sakneuskoeken
5 large handkerchiefs 6 sakneuskoeken, 4 ditto 12 nosecloths with akers
4 large nosecloths (neusdoeken) 4 small damask feijteltjes 12 ditto: 11 ditto
6 large ditto with akers 2 damask halsfeytelsen 5 small ditto napkins 5 small nosecloths
6 small ditto 1 muslin halsneuwdoek 3 large muslin noseclothes
14 ditto even smaller 1 linen sakneusdoek 3 small ditto with red stripes
12 small nosecloths 4 beste zakneuwdoeken 2 cotton sakneusdoeken, 8 linen ditto
6 muslin ditto with akers 3 ditto, 5 ditto 5 sakneusdoekjes, various
22 various sakneusdoeken   Total: 241 handkerchiefs






3 fine linen schortekleen

1 cotton ditto

6 linen schortekleen: 6 ditto

10 ditto various: 13 ditto various

6 linen schortekleen

1 fine cotton ditto

4 muslin ditto

2 ditto

12 white schortekleen

5 cotton geblomde schortekleen

4 giganse ditto, 3 dobbelsteene ditto

2 short schortekleedjes, 1 muslin langh ditto


1 linen kap, 2 nagtkapjjes, 4 kapjes

17 mopmitsen, 3 linen ditto

13 gare ondermutjes

5 linen neerstikken

6 neerstikken with lace (kant)

18 kroplappen: 9 linen kroplappen

1 kroplap, 3 neerstikken, 5 voorspelsels with lace


7 short pinjoortjes

9 pinjoors, 4 ditto

3 grove ditto


3 kuijven with slippen

A kuijft with 4 slippen with lace

4 bomen

12 ouwerwetse linen sleppen


6 linen kindermutjes

10 ondermutsjes, 11 linen mutsjes

9 linen undermutsen, 10 ditto

6 strookjes with metsen with lace

10 pair flat mouwtjes with lace

2 pair without lace

3 pair boordmouwen

6 boordmouwen


Scarves and ties

1 pair genaijde? lubbens with 1 pair strookjes

5 pair lubbens with lace

6 stroppen

19 linen scarves? halsdas stropdas is tie -- dassen

5 genaijde dassen

2 old muslin dassen

2 dassen with lace

A linen mensmus

7 gebreyde ditto



2 pair gekeperde cotton gloves

2 pair gloves with fingers

A package with linen puppet things (poppegoed)

A ditto with linen kindergoed

A chitse Japon with a paarse (purple?) grond

An old sijde tabberd

A whuite chitse Japon

A ditto with a purple gron

A ditto with a white grond

A ditto with a white grond with black flowers

A purple sijde japon

A striped baste Japon

A asgraauw damask tabbard, gevoerd

A purple tabberd, gevoerd

A chitse Japon with a white grond

A black zijde tabberd

An atlasse tabberd

A chitse tabberd with a purple grond with asgrauw zijde gevoerd

A ditto with a white grond with yellow zijde uijtgemonsterd

A chitse Japon with a green grond, with sijde uijtgemonsterd

A chitse mansjapon

A brown zijde mansjapon

A brown lakemansmantel

A black lake tabberd and rok

2 red chitse mantels, 2 Suratse manteltjes

A red cotton Schoermantel with bond gevoerd

A purple cotton schoermantel with red vries gevoerd

A sijde sluijer with a baaze lijst



A red laake rok with white passementen

A red vriesse rok

A green and white saye damask rok skirt

4 white striped skirts

A red skirt

A saye damask skirt

A white gekeperde skirt with zijde genaijde

A white damask skirt

A white child's skirt with colored zij genaaijd

A yellow armozijne skirt with sijde genaaijd

A white dekeperde skirt with sijde genaaijd

An asgraauwe damask skort

A darker purple damask skirt

A white oostind. genaaid skirt

A chintz skirt with white grond

A white wool skirt

A gebreyde skirt

A chintz skirt with 1 white grond

A ditto with a yellow ground

A purple and white cotton skirt

A black damask skirt

A red chintz skirt

A black zijde offe skirt

A purple zijde skirt

A white pansrok

A black and white linen skirt

A black chagreine skirt

A ginganse skirt

A blue and white ditto

A wool gebreyde skirt

A striped underskirt (petticoat?)

A shirtskirt (hemdrok)



A wambusje without mouwen

3 new wollen borstrikken

2 old ditto, one without mouwen

A new caleminke borstrok

A saay damask borstrok

A caleminke borstrok

A ruijge borstrok


2 red pants

2 wollen gebreyde pants

A pants

A keurslijff

5 borsten

4 pair keurslijffmouwen

2 maskers

3 white swagtels

6 woolen undermutjes

6 ditto: 2 pair gebreyde hoozen

A white hat

A black ditto

A zijde regenkleed

A swarte ?tulpe? hood (keuvel)

A pair red vriesse koussen

2 pair red sajette ditto

9 pair small linen koussen

3 pair woolen sokken

A sabel with a little box doosje

2 moffen with 2 kassen

A black palantijn

A speldekussen: 1 ditto

A centuur with gold franjen

2 green zijde schortekleedjes

A ivory waijer in doosje

6 various waijers



A pair of black saye gloves

2 pair gebreijde wollen gloves, 2 pair woolen ditto

7 pair zeeme gloves

10 pair white gebreijde gloves

7 pair gekeeperde gloves

5 pair silk gloves

1 pair white gebreijde mopjes

2 pair wollen mosjes, 1 pair cotton mosjes



schortekleen schort - garment to protect other garments. Kleen = klein