Article 82 Bedding (Beddegoed)

The list below is the order in which these items appear in Maria's inventory.

Summary totals compared to her peer group (Achter de Gevels 452).

  total average Maria's
beds/mattresses 112 6 10
bolsters 142 7 7
blankets 360 18 20
pillows 772 39 27


A bed and bolster (peuluw) with a cover (overtrek) A ditto 3 pillows (hoofdkussens)
A bed and bolster A ditto 2 ditto with blue covers
A ditto and bolster A ditto 1 down pillow (donskussen) with a cotton cover
5 pillows (kussens)
A chintz (chitse) blanket with a blue background lined with silk (zij gevoerd) 11 small pillows
1 Japanese blanket 1 bed and bolster 1 new bedcloth with yellow stripes
1 white blanket A pillow A ditto with pink (rose)
2 matresses, 1 small ditto A small ditto An old white bedcloth
2 ditto with straw (kaff, literally chaff), 1 bolster with straw A Japanese blanket 1 green blanket
A bolster A new ditto 1 new blanket with 13 red stripes
A bed and bolster A white blanket 1 green cradle blanket (wiegdeekentje)
2 pillows A ditto 1 white ditto with yellow stripes
1 old green blanket An old bedcloth 2 smaller blankets
2 white blankets A mattress A Spanish diaper (Spanjolet luur)
A Japanese blanket A head pillow (oorkussentje) 1 blue serge bed (saije ledikant), bedspread (sprey), serge crown? (cronesaij) with a skirt (rabat) and a blue piece

hoofdkussen: a large pillow to put behind the back in order to sit up in bed

oorkussentje: a smaller pillow for the head