Article 87

The notaries put tin cooking and eating utensils under the heading tin and put iron things and tin things not related to food in this article.

Iron and Tin (Ijser en Blikwerk)

An iron chest (ijsere kist) 2 small iron blakers
A standing silver-plated plate (staande versilverde plaat) , 1 ditto A swaard
A lying plate with 4 copper buds (leggende plaat met 4 kopere knoppen) An old sabel
An iron plate (ijser plaatje) A gutter scraper (gootschrapper)
2 iron bedpans (confoorten) 2 iron blakers, 1 large hangblaker
An iron chain and troest? 3 snuijters
An iron foot (potje) 2 tangens
2 rooster, 2 ditto 1 elle
3 langens and 1 schop 6 ijsertjes of 1 braadspit
A schopje, 1 ditto 2 flat strijkijzers
1 hakmesch 2 iron heugels
1 haardijser 1 asschop
1 old spit, 1 pan 1 schaar with 1 wooden steel
Some iron gewigt 4 metal forks
Some old iron 1 blikke drooplepel
Some old carpenter's tools 1 worsthorentje
A spijkerbak with hamer and spijkers 1 blikmaatje
An axe (bijl) 3 lantaarns
2 waffel irons or wafer tongs (wafelijzers) 1 blik emmertje
1 iyserkoek ijser A hollow blikke blaker
1 castanje pan 4 blikken, 2 ditto
1 parrot cage (papeguayskooi)