Magdaleentje Maertens Leeuwenhoek

Other name: 
cousin Maerten's daughter
Birth or Baptism date: 
November 23, 1653
Death or Burial date: 
April 8, 1720

They lived in C0908bis, now Markt 71, which he owned.

A daughter, Johanna van Frijtom (x Hendrik Corff), was a painter as was her brother-in-law Frederik van Frijtom (1658-1702). Some sources have Frederik as Johanna's father.

Magdaleentje Maertens died 1720/04/08 and Barent died 1720/05/11 (just a month after wife) or 1733/07/18. There are two records for him in Delft DTB and an armkind 1733/08/18, both Nieuwe Kerk.