Chronology of events: Leeuwenhoek

For some events, the year is certain but the month and day are not. Example: We know only the year for the collections of Leeuwenhoek's letters published in Dutch during his lifetime.

For other events, the season or month are certain but the day is not. Example: Leeuwenhoek mentions that someone visited him "last month".

On the other hand, many events did indeed happen on the first day of a month. Example: public appointments to Delft's city offices took effect on January 1 of each year. Thus:

  • A date of January 1 in a given year may indicate that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • A date of 1 in a given month may indicate that the year and month are certain but the day is not.

Unless otherwise indicated, for events in England, the date given is Old Style, 10 days behind the Dutch Republic's New Style until 1700 and then 11 days behind.

June 8, 1681 cousin Maria Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Jan den Appel
April 2, 1684 cousin Margrieta Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Michiel Reijniers van Hasseld
December 13, 1684 sister Catharina Philips Leeuwenhoek received legacy from great uncle Johan Sebastiaans van den Berch
December 20, 1684 cousin Geertruijt Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
January 1, 1685 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek appointed tax farmer
July 2, 1685 sister Catharina Leeuwenhoek appointed as tax collector for three years
July 11, 1685 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek appointed curator
January 27, 1687 cousin Magdaleentje (Helena) Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Barent van Frijtom
June 11, 1687 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek admitted as notary
October 19, 1689 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek married Eva Jacobs Overschie
April 3, 1690 cousin Maarten Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek married Margareta Pieters van Limburg
November 29, 1692 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek married Cornelis Luda
December 21, 1692 cousin Jacob Adriaens Leeuwenhoek (1692-1724) baptized
September 26, 1693 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek buried
December 7, 1693 wife Cornelia Swalmius made a will
December 26, 1693 wife Cornelia Swalmius made a will including Maria
November 24, 1694 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
January 4, 1701 cousin Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek buried
April 19, 1702 cousin Cornelis Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek (1670-1702) buried
January 16, 1717 cousin Maria Maertens Leeuwenhoek buried
April 1, 1718 cousin Pieter Maartens Leeuwenhoek married Kniertje van der Doe
April 25, 1745 daughter Maria died