Sevende Vervolg

Leeuwenhoek, A. van

Full title

Sevende Vervolg der Brieven, waar in gehandelt werd, van veele Opmerkens en verwonderens-waardige Natuurs-Geheimen

Seventh Continuation of the Letters, wherein is treated many Observations and astonishment-worthy Secrets of Nature

Dobell #18: Letters 108 - 146

It contained 39 letters written between April 1697 and April 1702.

AB/CL #: 184, 187, 188, 193, 195, 197, 199 - 221, 224 - 226, 228, 229, 231 - 236

The letters were addressed to:

Members of the Royal Society, 11 letters
Hans Sloane, 8
N.N., 4 including to the directors of the United East India Company in Delft
Anthonie Heinsius, 3
Frederik Adriaan Van Reede Van Renswoude, 2
Harmen van Zoelen, 2
Hendrik van Bleyswijk, 2
Antonio Magliabechi
Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus
Jan van Leeuwen
John Chamberlayne
John Somers
Karl von Hessen-Kassel
Nicolaas Bogaert van Belois

Pagination: vi + 1-452 + xxii (Blad-wyser)

Many bound versions include after the index the March 1698 letter from Govert Bidloo about worms found in sheep's livers.

Front Matter

Similar to Sesde Vervolg. Note on blank page before the title page, in English (on right; click to enlarge): "This 3rd Volume immediately follows the Second part of the first Volume, and is not yet translated into Latin; So these three parts with the Second Volume of Letters to the R S compleat his Works." Since he did not publish more letters until 1718's Send-Brieven and the Latin translation of Sevende did not appear until 1719, this note must have been written between 1702 and 1718.

  • Title page
  • 3-page poem by Thomas Wilt
  • Errata: Druk-feilen aldus te verbeteren (Printing errors thus improving)


by Thomas Wilt


All of the letters were numbered and continuously paginated.   


114 figures in 24 of the 39 letters on 5? plates.   

Back Matter

22-page blad-wyser                    

library plate on last page says that this is a stand-alone first edition.