Bought the house and shop on the west side of the Hippolytusbuurt

February 16, 1655

Seven months after getting married, Leeuwenhoek bought the house and shop on the west side of the Hippolytusbuurt, het Gulden Hoofd (golden head) (C0154). The house's windows had probably been blown out by the Thunderclap the previous October.

Leeuwenhoek paid the widow of Frans van Helden, a furrier, 5,000 florins, 4,000 mortgaged. The 1,000 could have come from his grandfather's bequest in 1643.

Andries Bogaert notary ONA inv. 1888. On the house: ORA inv. 281-283 waarbrief 4f259v on fol. 936r1 on fol. 936v2 and waarbrief 5r075.

The excellent and helpful Leeuwenhoek geneology "(Van) Leeuwenhoek" mistakenly says (without citation) that Leeuwenhoek bought the house from Johan Lieftingh (1604-1684), an apothecary.

Liefting and his first wife, Sophia de Salengre, were both living on the Hippolytusbuurt when they married in 1628 (DTB inv. 20, fol. 55v). When he married Anna van der Mast in 1636 (DTB inv. 21, fol. 91v), he was living on the Hippolytusbuurt and she was living on the Oude Delft.

When he worked as an apothecary, he lived down the gracht a little on the Wijnhaven. His daughter Sophia married Leeuwenhoek's colleague Hendrik D'Acquet.

Liefting lived on the Voorstraat when he died in 1684. All three neighborhoods are sections of the Nieuwe Delft, so Liefting never strayed far.


ONA Delft inv. 1888

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